Material of the drumsticks

All indicators of physical and mechanical properties of wood are normally determined at 12% moisture content.

Hickory is ideal wood for drumsticks. Durable, solid, absorbs rebound of stroke, effectively dampens vibrations transmitted from playing hands. It has medium weight, little susceptible of bending.

Density 815 кг/м³,
Janka Hardness - 1820

European Beech is flexible wood art. It has straight wood fiber structure of wood.

It has different hardness and density of wood and it depends on the location of growth. Beech wood is similar to oak in its basic mechanical properties.

After drying, the most of the quality indicators of wood will be improved, becoming stronger than oak by bending strength, surpassing its stiffness and resistance to shift about a quarter and even greater in strength under shock loads.

Beech quickly reacts to changes in humidity, which is why it can be called a "capricious" or "sensitive" wood.

Density from 660 to 700 kg/m³
Janka Hardness - 1300

Maple is the lightest and flexible wood with a soft wood structure. Although maple is not as hard and durable as American hickory or oak but sticks of it is an ideal choice if you prefer a lighter feel and quick response. Sticks of maple are considered "obedient drumsticks" with great absorption of rebound. They are flexible and have perfect bounce, used mainly for not loud or for speedy playing for "airy" sound especially when playing the cymbals.

Maple density 620 - 675 kg/m³
Janka Hardness - 1450

Oak - very strong tree, weighs more than maple and hickory, and has much greater durability. Sticks of oak are the heaviest, very dense, strong and have tangible recoil. Oak is used for the manufacture of sticks not often because it relatively brittle and not enough ductile compared with hickory. It is moisture proof wood. Very likely the only one kind of oak (Japanese oak) is applicable for drumsticks manufacturing, but it's pretty rare wood.

Density from 675 to 970 kg/m³
ТJanka Hardness - 1360

Hornbeam has medium density structure and good absorption of rebound (average between hicory and maple). Hornbeam has relatively high wear resistance. Weight of wood varies from very light to very heavy. Resilience of hornbeam slightly worse than of European beech and oak. Drumsticks of it are resistant to shock loads. As beech, it is afraid of humidity.

Density - 750 kg/m³
Janka Hardness - 1860

Pao Rosa (Rosewood) is very strong, solid, but quite fragile wood. The drumsticks of it preferred because of their wonderful tonal colors and feelings, but they are not suitable for playing cymbals. They are enough brittle and can split.

Density from 709 to 780 kg/m³
Janka Hardness - 2720

Other materials

Additionally to wood material the drumsticks are made of polyurethane, CFRP (Carbon) or aluminum. All these sticks differ in super durability.

Recently steel drumsticks gain popularity for training. In view of the great weight, they cannot be applied to drum set, and they are suitable only for hand training and techniques practicing. However, not all agree with statement above: the hands become stronger, but lose flexibility. With the right approach and with a measure of practicing they can be useful, otherwise it can only do harm, so deal with them with care costs.