Series A-Budget

To the A-Budget series of AGNER Swissdrumsticks belong the drumsticks of softer wood sort beech (which grows in Europe) than hickory. These sticks are the best solution for beginners and advanced drummers, learning new technics and patterns. This is due to the fact that when playing drums, especially when tap the cymbals such sticks show splendid rebound, a kind of "springing" caused by wood structure. A-Budget drumsticks are reasonable solution for developing of technic skills; they combines the advantages of both price and quality criterion.

Series / Type:A-Budget
Model:5А Budget
Length, mm:406
Tip diameter, mm:9,3
Tip length, mm:13,0
Shaft diameter, mm:14,4
Size in inches:9/16 x 15 63/64
Tip:wooden, olive-shaped, pointy
Series / Type:A-Budget
Model:5B Budget
Length, mm:406
Tip diameter, mm:10,2
Tip length, mm:13,3
Shaft diameter, mm:15,4
Size in inches:39/64 x 15 63/64
Tip:wooden, olive-shaped, standard rounded
Series / Type:A-Budget
Model:7A Budget
Length, mm:394
Tip diameter, mm:12,3
Tip length, mm:13,8
Shaft diameter, mm:15,3
Size in inches:17/32 x 15 1/2
Tip:wooden, teardrop-shaped, standard
Series / Type:A-Budget
Model:Rock Budget
Length, mm:413
Tip diameter, mm:10,0
Tip length, mm:12,9
Shaft diameter, mm:15,5
Size in inches:39/64 x 16 1/4
Tip:wooden, barrel-shaped, standard
Series / Type:A-Budget
Model:Tempo Budget
Length, mm:405
Tip diameter, mm:9,3
Tip length, mm:8,5
Shaft diameter, mm:15,0
Size in inches:37/64 x 15 15/16
Tip:wooden, teardrop-shaped, short-cut